Lock Your Car!!

You may know that we have been struggling with thefts from vehicles all summer.  We have made some arrests but since these are non violent crimes, these subjects are out of jail nearly right away.  Our neighboring communities are having the same problem so we are working with them. We are trying to analyze the data about the crimes in order to target our scarce resources more efficiently. 
The biggest commonality is that they are targeting unlocked cars.  What could be easier or quieter?  They usually happen inthe very late hours after everyone is in for the night. The suspects are on foot or on bikes. 
We  have had people who are up late and hear or see suspicious things but don’t call us. Every little bit of information is important.
So we are asking you for your help.  Don’t leave valuables in your cars. Lock you garages.  Keep your outside lights on. Call us if you see or hear anything suspicious.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.