So What Were Officers Doing Along Squirrel Road This Week?

I’ve gotten some questions this week about what has been going on along Squirrel Road this week.  Officers were seen seat beltstanding in medians and along the roadside at Walton and near Featherstone.  

They are doing specialized traffic enforcement with overtime dollars provided by the Office of Highway Safety Planning.  For a couple of hours at a time we put a spotter (the standing officer) by the roadside and he or she looks for people not wearing seatbelts or people texting while driving.  When they see a violator they call out the vehicle description and description of what the driver was specifically doing (in the case of texting).  Then other cars waiting up ahead make the stop and ticket the driver.  We use a sign like the one at right so we really aren’t sneaking up on you.  

Not using a seatbelt greatly increases the likelihood of serious injury in a traffic crash.  Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for persons ages 5-34 in the US according to the CDC.  The safety systems in vehicles now are a combination of the airbags and seatbelts.  Do yourself and the rest of us a favor by wearing it and helping to reduce the costs related to traffic crashes–estimated at $70 billion in 2005.    

And texting is one of the complaints I hear about most.  It has fast become one of the biggest crash causers.  Don’t multi task while driving.  Driving IS multi tasking all by itself.  

And especially don’t forget to use child safety seats for your children–it is the law.  If you aren’t sure how to properly install the seat, call the station for an appointment with a seat technician here.  

Wear your belt and don’t text while driving then you won’t have to worry about what they are doing out there.  

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.

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