If You Need Us Call Us-Don’t Message Us on Facebook or Twitter

I was reviewing our social media sites today and I was surprised at how many people contacted us to report traffic conditions around Great Lakes Crossings Mall.  I wasn’t surprised that they contacted us to let us know but I was surprised by the method they used.  There was one who asked for help because traffic was gridlocked.  Fortunately a dispatcher saw it and answered relatively quickly but I want you to remind you that we don’t monitor our Twitter or Facebook accounts 24×7.  We just don’t have the personnel to do that.  Our dispatchers do the best they can but their primary responsibility is to answer 911 calls and non emergency calls for police, fire and EMS.  I don’t want to kid you–if there is a big structure fire or big traffic crash or other major event, the phone calls are getting answered first.  No one is checking Facebook or Twitter at all.

By far the best way to reach us is the phone call.  We answer 911 calls first–they have the highest priority.  Secondly we answer the non emergency line.  A very far distant 3rd is monitoring our social media.  We say that right on the pages–call don’t send us a message if you need our help.  Our entire national 911 system is set up to get you to us when you call.  Facebook, Twitter and text messages are not fail safe like 911.  Our non emergency number is 248-370-9444.

Just a reminder.

BTW there is still construction on Baldwin taking it to one lane.  We recommend Joslyn as the way to enter the mall this weekend.   I’m sure there are great bargains just waiting but bring along your patience when you come to shop.



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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.