FAQ on Michigan Laws About Bicycling

family-bicyclingThere are traffic laws that apply to bicycles??????  Yep.  And here are a few that will help you be safe out on your bicycle.

Does a bicyclist have to obey the same traffic laws as a motorist?

Yes.  Section 257.657 of the MVC states:

Each person riding a bicycle…upon a roadway has all of the rights and is subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle by this chapter, except as to special regulations int his article and except as to the provisions of this chapter which by their nature do not have application.  This includes speed limits, stop signs and stop lights.

It is possible to get a ticket for a traffic violation.

Does a bicyclist have to signal their turns?

Yes.  Section 257.648 of the MVC states:

(1) the driver of a …bicycle upon a highway before stopping or turning from a direct line, shall first see that the stopping or turning can be made in safety and shall give a signal as required in this section.

(3) When a signal is given by means of the hand and arm, the driver shall indicate his or her intention to stop or turn by extending his hand and arm from and beyond the left side of the vehicle and signal as follows:

(a)Left turn…hand and arm extended horizontally

(b)Right turn…hand and arm extended upward.

(c)Stop or decrease speed…hand and arm extended downward.

What about texting while cycling?

All Michigan drivers are prohibited from texting while driving under MVC. SEc. 257.602B.

Is it legal to use a cell phone while riding a bike?

Only if the cell phone is in hands free mode.

A person operating a bicycle…shall not carry any package, bundle, or article that prevents the driver from keeping both hands upon the handlebars of the vehicle.

These are just a few.  For more information go to http://www.LMB.org.

Have a safe summer.



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