Good Guys Win One

Last night I was still in my office when I heard the report of a robbery being dispatched-something that doesn’t happen with any frequency here.   Almost immediately Officer Joel Foreman reported that he had picked up the suspect vehicle leaving the scene of the robbery.  He attempted to stop the car but the driver ignored the lights and continued to drive, ultimately heading toward Great Lakes Crossings mall.  The robbery occurred at the BP gas station across from the Palace.  At one point, the suspect’s vehicle struck Sgt. Groehn’s vehicle trying to get away.  Despite the efforts of Sergeant Steve Groehn and his team of officers from our department, the Sheriff’s Office and Lake Angelus, the suspect managed to get the car parked in the mall parking lot and escaped on foot.   Officers found the car quickly and worked with mall security to pin down the area looking for the suspect.  Dispatch disseminated information through the mall merchants and ultimately we got a call from one of them with important information and then more calls from helpful  citizens helping us locate the suspect as he was trying to leave the area on foot after he had changed his appearance.

As the woman in this video says, a robbery here is pretty rare.  Great Lakes Crossings is a very safe place.  We appreciate the help and support we get from this community to solve crimes and this was a perfect example.

The suspect is currently in custody, will be charged today and go before a judge this afternoon.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.