New Tool in the Fire Department

We are always looking for newer and better tools to do our jobs.

The fire department has put two Blitzfire portable monitors into service recently. The Blitzfire monitor only weighs 22 pounds so it is easily deployed by one firefighter. One of greatest advantages is the monitor’s ability to operate on its own. A fire fighter can simply set it down, point the nozzle in the desired direction, and walk away to handle another task. The monitor has an internal safety feature that will shut down the water if it moves abruptly in any direction. Once deployed, the monitor is capable of delivering 500 gallons of water per minute. The volume of water delivered is critical on large fires. Based on the square footage of a building, fire fighters can use a mathematical equation to determine how many gallons per minute are needed to extinguish a fire. The monitors are a nice addition to the fire fighter’s “toolbox.”

A fire fighter practices a “blitz attack” delivering a high volume of water.

blitzfire monitor





Nozzle and hose loaded for quick deployment.








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