Friday Was a Happy Day Here at the PD

Many people in this community know Officer Metter Rice.  She has been an officer for several years and has worked on our National Night Out, taught TIPS and been a responding police officer.

On Friday afternoon when Officer Metter Rice came to work, little did she know that there was a big event in store for her.   Her boyfriend, Charles, had arraigned to include us in his marriage proposal!  He contacted Deputy Director Hardesty who helped him stage a beautiful proposal here at the station.  Officer Rice was told that she was assigned to a detail at Chrysler involving GM CEO Mary Barra so she would need to be dressed up to assist in providing security for the event (we knew she’d want to be attired properly for the photos of her own special event), not in uniform.  Charles had arranged for a horse and carriage to drive them to a restaurant for an early dinner.  He wore a top hat, had a dozen roses and a beautiful ring.  When she saw him waiting in the lot by the carriage she became so excited she was running circles in the lobby!  Hardesty stepped in again to direct her outside where Charles was waiting.

The Happy Couple
The Happy Couple

She said YES and it was a happy moment for her family (who was present) and for all of us.  Thanks, Charles, for letting us be a part of it.



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