Colorado lawmakers consider new requirements for marijuana edibles – The Denver Post

Several communities around Michigan are considering decriminalizing marijuana but just like the medical marijuana, there is more to the issue than initially meets the eye.  Most people think about baggies of green leafy stuff.  In fact, it is a much more complicated issue and Colorado is facing it right now.   More parts of the marijuana plants can now be utilized to manufacture oil or “budder” or “ear wax” substances that look like their name implies.  It is reportedly the purest form of cannabis available –somewhere between 82% and 99% pure THC.  It can be baked into food products.  It presents a whole new group of issues.  Is it important to detect use/abuse?  Do you mind if your babysitter, airplane pilot, school bus driver uses marijuana in any of its forms?  The driver coming towards you on the road–is it important to know whether they are under influence and what exactly does that mean?

So what does the public want in terms of food labeling?  Should a provider be able to manufacture food items laced with marijuana’s active ingredient THC but not label these items appropriately?

Colorado lawmakers consider new requirements for marijuana edibles – The Denver Post.

These are complex items that Colorado must confront right now.   We may want to pay attention.

Here is another article that highlights impacts in Washington State high schools as a result of their recent legalization of marijuana.  Note that it points out that kids in school are using marijuana in smokeless vaporizer pens –we have heard that the oil can be put on ecigarettes and smoked.


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