New Dangerous Drug – Kratom

This stuff just never seems to end.  Another new plant based way to get high is on its way.  Kratom is a plant substance widely used in southeast Asia to relieve pain.  It acts like an opiate – and we are already finding high use of heroin in suburban areas like ours.     You can buy it online right now – no restrictions.  It is being sold as “safe” and “natural.”   kratom

Kratom isn’t yet illegal in Michigan.  It is listed as a “drug of concern” by the DEA. It comes in several forms including pills.  A TV station in West Michigan bought some and the State Police lab tested the substance.  They found that the capsule contained other chemical substances besides Kratom.  And someone is willing to take the unknown chemicals along with the “safe” and “natural” substance??

kratom2Here are some news stories to educate yourself:

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