Yes, Great Lakes Crossings Mall is Safe

Every now and then I talk to someone who asks me about a story they heard about Great Lakes Crossings Mall.  Today it was a story that I heard from a credible Great Lakes Crossing Outlets logoperson who shared that she met a person spreading a story that the mall wasn’t safe because of a kidnapping recently.  I’d like to clear the record:  THERE WAS NO KIDNAPPING.  THERE WAS NO ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING.   I’ve also heard stories suggesting that there are robberies or other kinds of serious crime there.  I can assure you we have had no increase in crime.  No robberies.  Mall security does a great job and works in close partnership with us.  Between their high quality camera system that monitors large areas of the mall, including ATM machines and their lot and facility patrols, they do a tremendous job at keeping customers safe.  We even share an office with them.  We have officers stationed at the mall –not because it is dangerous– but to help us maintain a quick response to calls for service.  Our city is good sized and has an odd shape which can be hard to move around in at certain times of day.  We have formed a retail district which includes not just the mall itself but all of the retail along Brown Road.  The officers stationed at the mall respond to calls and patrol that entire area.   It is a “differential call queue” in which we send the officers stationed at the mall to handle most everything in that area and allows us to keep the other officers elsewhere in the city in their assigned patrol areas.  So if you see our cars parked at the west end of the mall it isn’t because something is necessarily happening–it is just their duty station.

Back in August of 2013 we did have an incident where a couple of guys tried to take a woman’s car.  We were quick on the scene and made arrests within an hour of the incident.  There were no injuries.  That incident was a one of a kind.

Whenever these stories come my way, I try to track down the source immediately. We keep close tabs on what goes on there.  I get a phone call or a text if there is an incident that is out of the ordinary.  And a serious crime against a person is out of the ordinary.   Amazingly I’ve had people tell me that I must not know about all the crime (????) there or that it isn’t being reported when I dispute some urban legend.  I guess if anyone is in a position to know, it’s me.

Do we have shoplifting?  Most certainly.  Like every retail outlet, we do have a certain amount of theft and fraud going on related to the retail stores.  But in terms of serious crime?  No siree.  I shop there myself.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.