Don’t Get Scammed

The constant stream of news stories about identity theft sometimes dulls our sensitivity to this stuff until it happens to us.  One of the scams going around is spoofing of your caller ID by persons reporting that they are from the IRS.  The elderly are often targeted in this as in many others.  The caller ID will show a spoofed number from some legitimate governmental source so you pick up the phone thinking that it is the real deal.  In this case, the caller advises that the person owes taxes and that they must pay up–then gives information about where and how to pay that directs the money right into the scammer’s bank account.  phone spoof

The IRS will not call you on the phone to advise of unpaid taxes.  Here is a link below with some suggestions of what to do if you think you’ve received one of these calls.  If you live in Auburn Hills – call us.

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