When Your Ex Becomes Your Stalker

After any break up, it is time for both parties to go their separate ways. When one refuses to do that and continues to contact, it is stalking. And it is a crime.

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Coauthored by: Richelle Duane, Civil Advocacy Supervisor, HAVEN

Breaking up is hard to do.  If you’ve ever been through the breakup of a relationship you know this.  On a practical level, depending on the relationship’s length and level of involvement, there may be belongings to return, finances to settle, and property to divide.  Then there are the emotional difficulties that come with a break up.  No matter if the relationship ends on good or bad terms it can be difficult to go your own way and move on without that person in your life, but in time, you do.

You do.  But what if they don’t?  What if your ex becomes your stalker?

What if weeks, months, even years later your ex is still calling you, messaging you, sending cards, social media requests, and showing up at the places you go?  It’s not that they are trying to re-connect because…

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