Winter Is Here For Sure

I hope your holidays were were fun, restful and full of great times with your family and friends.  As we all know, winter is here in Michigan.  We’ve just weathered one storm and are heading into another this weekend.  winter-storm-safety-copy1

The snow will be starting about 8 pm Saturday night (tomorrow) and will continue all night into Sunday.  We suggest that you look ahead and prepare for the storm.  Make sure you have adequate medicine supplies, food, milk or whatever you need for a couple of days. is great site to help you.

Our city road crews have a great plan to get the roads plowed as quickly as possible.  If you live in one of our neighborhoods, please don’t park any vehicles on the roadway so that the plow trucks can work efficiently.  We’ll be sending officers out to knock on your doors to get those cars moved.  We also have officers clear the roadway edges on the freeways so that the county trucks can work unobstructed.

We are also bringing in more  firefighters to be available if needed to help folks with medical emergencies, call on our seniors or fight fires if we need them.

Follow our Facebook and Twitter for information on road closings or other useful information.

Predictable weather events put us in major planning mode- we’ll be paying close attention to the conditions.  If you can stay home, I suggest that you do.

Only 2 more months of winter to go…..

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.