Does Hookah=Health Concern? Some Public Health Officials Think So

Because public safety includes an aspect of public health, police and other government officials were recently contacted by the Hookah Awareness Community Coalition.  William Beaumont Hospital sponsored an educational session on this important topic.  Those that spoke were:

  • Dr. Sam Fawaz M.D. Beaumont physician, hookah Community Coalition Co-Founder
  • Dr. Ghada Sadd, DDS
  • Mr. Gus Shihab, Substance Abuse and Drug Prevention Specialist
  • Mr. Wali Altahif, Pubic Health Specialist
  • Mr. Farid Shamo, MI Department of Community Health, Tobacco Prevention and Control

All spoke about the fast spread of Hookah which is in part perpetuated by misconception that hookah is not smoking and safer than cigarettes.

The group is trying to educate people about Hookah to dispel the misconceptions.  They say it is a big health concern with kids.

Here is a link to ACCESS Community Health which is the largest and most comprehensive Arab community-based health and mental health center in North America.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.