Get Ready, Halloween is Almost Here

halloween3tt9Guest Blogger:  Police Service Officer Quentessa Tuff


Remember:  Halloween Trick-or-Treat hours: 6pm-7pm

Candy corn, caramel apples and all things pumpkin is what comes to mind when I think about Halloween.  Let’s not forget the haunting decorations, along with the sometimes extra creative costumes that are seen each year. When I was growing up my family and I would get our costumes on and walk the neighborhood on October 31st in search for some delicious treats.

With that being said let’s all protect our children while trick-or-treating.

Golden rules:

  •   Walk with your children on the sidewalk in well lit areas (it’s only one hour).
  •   Do not allow snacking from the bag of treats until it has been examined.
  •   Throw away any treat that is homemade or appears be tampered with.
  •   Contact the police if you find tainted Halloween candy or treats.
  •   If there’s not a porch light on just keep moving.

Halloween is meant to be fun and festive, but needless to say there are people that attempt to cause havoc. Keep your eyes and ears alert to your surroundings and contact the police if you see anything suspicious. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.