Another View of Police Work

Another View of Police Work

M-Live recently carried an article by a former Ann Arbor officer who writes about responding to calls of an unknown nature.

While departments are all different in some ways (culture, technology use, officer requirements, etc.) we are also alike in many ways including how we respond to calls of an unknown nature.  You may know that we get an address when someone calls 911 from a wired telephone and a radius from a cell phone tower on a wireless call.  When we get a call, we try to call back to determine what the nature of the emergency is and we send police, just as he describes in the article.

One of the dispatchers a few days ago was telling me about a person who kept “pocket dialing” 911.  As per protocol, she kept calling him back and he kept hanging up on her without speaking.  Finally he did answer and asked her why she kept calling him–she responded by asking him why he kept calling us!

These can be routine calls or calls where someone is fighting for her life.  Each is treated with the respect it deserves, day or night.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.