A Police Officer Speaks About His Career

Officer Scott McGraw
Officer Scott McGraw

Officer Scott McGraw, a veteran officer of our department has written about how he sees the “extras” of his job.  As a smaller department – 53 sworn members – we ask our staff to take on duties and responsibilities that other departments assign to full-time staff. We see ourselves as a department of generalists who do a number of things well –not just one specialized duty. I think you’ll find his thoughts about this interesting.

As an officer with several added responsibilities at the police department, it can get hectic at times. I want to share with you a few reasons why, I take on added responsibilities. Here are my added responsibilities at the police department; Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, Bicycle Officer, Honor Guard, Awards Committee Member, Crash Investigator and currently studying for promotion to sergeant.

To begin, the responsibility of being an evidence technician nowadays is a challenge, with new technology, and the over exposure of police techniques in TV shows and movies. We have to constantly be evolving. However, as an evidence technician, I wish the job were as easy as it is on the “CSI” shows. I have been an evidence technician for seven years and attended several training seminars. There is no better feeling then getting news from the detective bureau that they were able to get a conviction due to my work as an evidence technician. Because of my dedication and commitment to having an added responsibility, I have helped citizens get closure, criminals got locked up and over all made society a safer place.

As I get older and see the new generation getting hired, I feel that it is time for me to pick up the torch and carry it as my predecessors have for so many years. As a field training officer, training the “new blood” is how I stay sharp. For everyone I train, there are times that they teach me new things. New recruits are given a foundation to build from in the academy. My job is to expand on that foundation and help them build a structure for a successful career in law enforcement. The job of a field training officer is crucial to the success of a police department. When I see the officers that I have trained being successful on their own, I could not be more proud of them.

The Honor Guard responsibility is what keeps me humble and my life in perspective. I have attended officer funerals and stood guard during their last hours above ground. For every funeral I attend or every news article I read regarding a fallen hero, I hug my children a little tighter and make sure my family knows I love them before I go on duty. You truly never know when you will get that chance again.

If it were not for these added responsibilities, I would not be who I am today. I chose to be a Police Officer and I am making a career out of it with these added responsibilities and preparing for more. I will carry the torch, until I can pass it to someone else.

We are proud of Officer McGraw and his accomplishments.  He is a great example of the tremendous group of officers we have here at AHPD.

We look forward to much more from him in the future.

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