Congratulations Police Service Officer Tuffs!

Police Service Officer Quintessa Tuff
Police Service Officer Quentessa Tuff

Another of our employees made us proud this week.

Police Service Officer Quentessa Tuffs completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at Oakland University.  I already knew that she was one smart cookie when we hired her.  She maintained a full-time job here as a dispatcher, has a family and completed her degree. I still remember a conversation I had with her not too long after she started working here. She mentioned that she had great hopes and plans for her son’s education.  She was pointing out that he was a good student and she wanted him to go to the very best schools so that he could maximize his career potential.  Because I already knew a little about her, I suggested that perhaps one of the very best ways she could help him was to set a good example for him if she completed her degree.  The city pays tuition for degrees in our field, so what was holding her back?  You may talk to Quentessa if you call on our afternoon shift.  If you do, congratulate her yourself!

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