Emergency Services Wins 2 City Budget Cups!!!

Here in Auburn Hills we are always mindful of the taxpayers’ dollars that we use to provide services.  We are highly conscious of what we spent to achieve what outcome.  Personally, I like to squeeze everything I can out of the dollars we are alloted for Emergency Services (Police/Fire) to achieve the best possible outcome. I also like us to be good planners and look out into the future as best we can to figure out trends that may affect our work and to predict (as best we can) what we will need to assure the community the best quality services at the best price.  City Finance Director Gary Barnes wants to inspires a little friendly competition among city departments to reward us for our diligence each year at the point at which the previous year’s budget is closed out.  So today was the day.

Emergency Services divisions received 2 of the 4 total budget awards:

Lt. Cas Miarka won an award for budget accuracy (not his first).  His division, Operations (personnel working in the field in uniform) won an award for best budget accuracy.   We do our budget estimating about 6 months earlier than the budget year begins so it is a process of estimating based on the previous year, good planning and prediction for the upcoming year.  He predicted his budget to an accuracy of 96% for 2012.   If we predict accurately that means we get our job done plus we don’t obligate money that could go to other city services unnecessarily.   Suppression Division of the Fire Department won for most cost savings at 22% of their 2012 budget.  They have done a great job of re evaluating how they spend their budget to find more efficiencies.  The Fire Division has been undergoing many changes and this is another of the outcomes we were seeking when we combined our leadership staff between police and fire.

Assistant Fire Chief Tony Macias, Supression Division
Assistant Fire Chief Tony Macias, suppression Division
Lt. Cas Miarka, Operations Division Commander
Lt. Cas Miarka, Operations Division Commander

I thought you’d like to know that we treat your money as good (or maybe better) than we do our own.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.