MDOT to invest $120.8 million in 2013 Bay Region Program

I know you are asking yourself why the Auburn Hills Director of Emergency Services felt the need to post this news release?  Here is my deal:

Part of the upgrades deal with expansion of the ITS system or the Intelligent Traffic System further north on I-75.  We are big users of ITS here in Auburn Hills –the traffic cameras, the electronic signs (ok so we can’t yet get them to put more than those “safety” messages on the signs–we are working on the MDOT).  We use this information to give you information you can use to choose a route that gets you where you want to go, when you want to get there.  Increasing the system is good for everyone.  Personally I use the Google traffic (which uses some of the same data to map traffic congestion); or broadcast media traffic information or congestion info on my GPS when traveling north.  All this stuff is related and helps traffic move more efficiently.  Road are too expensive to keep widening as the only improvement that makes traffic flow better.  If those of us who are system operators (police) do our best work to keep traffic flowing–it is better for all of the people goods and services delivery in the region.

This improvement will be good for all of us along the I-75 corridor.

MDOT to invest $120.8 million in 2013 Bay Region Program.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.