Night at the Movies

I’m somewhat of a history buff. I think if we examine the past we can learn something about the future and not be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. So ever since the movie, “Lincoln” came out I’ve been wanting to see it. On Friday night my husband and I finally did see the movie at the AMC Star theater at Great Lakes. It had been awhile since I’d been to the movies on a Friday night. In the past, I know that the movies were frequently very busy on Friday nights with lots of kids hanging around in the lobby and sometimes being disruptive.

I’m happy to report that none of that was the case Friday night.  We really enjoyed ourselves. It was busy with people of all types and ages who were coming and going to their favorite movie and the smell of fresh, hot popcorn in the air.  What changed?  More than a year ago the theater adopted an escort policy which required that kids under 17 have an adult with them after 8pm. It has worked out very well for people of all ages to enjoy a movie.  I certainly saw lots of young people with adults in tow after 8pm.  They all looked like they were having a good time.

If you haven’t  been there in awhile–give it a try.  It is a great diversion on a wintry evening and I know you’ll enjoy a great atmosphere.

By the way, I did enjoy the movie –it was a great demonstration of how the political “sausage making” goes.  Maybe not much has changed in that respect from then to now.  Mr Lincoln was engaged in high stakes, historical sausage-making in seeking to pass the 14th Amendment outlawing slavery.  If you see the movie you’ll get a sense of how our legislative bodies, whether in Lansing, Washington or in your local community make laws still today.

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