Tell Me It Isn’t So!

There is a rumor on the street in traffic safety circles that there is a move afoot to repeal Michigan’s primary seat belt law for people 18 and over.  I hope that information is incorrect.

Since the passage of the primary law in Michigan, traffic fatalities have decreased from 1,383 to 889 and serious injuries have been reduced by nearly 50 percent.  The economic cost savings to the state since passage of the primary belt law are in the billions of dollars.

I am a strong proponent of seat belt laws and Auburn Hills Police regularly participate in enforcement details funded by state and federal highway dollars to enforce the seat belt laws.  During my career as a police officer I have seen many fatalities where people would have lived or had must less serious injuries if only they had been using their seat belts and harnesses.  If parents don’t wear their restraints, why would kids wear theirs? 

I’ve seen and heard all the excuses.  I can tell you that I can’t recall one crash, ever, where a person was seriously injured or killed because they were wearing a belt.  Vehicles now have great safety systems that have been carefully designed but the are all keyed on wearing belts and harnesses. 

I always wear my belt and harness. I require that anyone in a car I drive wears a belt and harness. 

If you have people in your life who need you and care about you, ALWAYS wear yours.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.