Welcome to the Fire Department

We’d like to introduce you to some new members of our Fire Department.  You might recall that we are a combination fire department meaning that we have a core of 15 full time firefighters supported by 37 paid on call firefighters in 3 stations.  Our paid on call are people who serve our community by becoming firefighters as a part time job.  In order to be part of our POC (paid on call) ranks a person must achieve Firefighter I and Firefighter II state certifications plus become an Emergency Medical Technician (another state license).  We use a paging system to alert the POC when we have a call where they are needed–they respond to the station and are paid for the time they are on the call.   Our POC are highly trained folks who attend on the job training called “drill” twice monthly after they complete their basic certifications plus training in other specialties. For example, our Hazardous Materials Technicians are POC firefighters. 

Last Sunday we held an orientation for new firefighters where they were introduced to their new work environment and learned about what is expected of them. ( I think they also were assigned that really cool “turn out gear.”) 

Each was assigned to a station and got a tour of their station.  The assignment relates to where they live.  Since POC respond from home we assign them to stations within a close radius to their home to allow for a quick response when we need them. 

These are committed people who bring value to our community. 

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.