Run, Hide, Fight

Something I never thought I’d have to do was to advise people in the United States of America how to protect themselves against domestic terror/workplace violence.  It seems all too commonplace now.  We are frequently asked what we advise people to do if they should be caught in a situation where there is an active shooter at their work or any other place they happen to be.  

Here is what I advise you to do:  RUN, HIDE, FIGHT.  Which is the title of a great short video funded by Homeland Security for Houston, Texas that gives an explanation. 

It also demonstrates a little about police tactics in a situation like that.  The job of the first police entering is to engage and take out the assailant.  Our officers have been trained and retrained over the past 10 years on the tactics of how to handle this type of situation.  They cannot stop to help people evacuate or even attend to the injured until the assailant is neutralized. 

Here is the video.  I hope you’ll watch it and share it with others. 

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.