Synthetic Marijuana/Designer Drugs Continue to be a Problem

Despite the flurry of new federal and state laws banning the substances known as K2/Spice and many, many other names which are ultimately chemical substances or “designer drugs”,  there is some evidence that use is increasing, particularly among teenagers, as well as deaths and hospitalizations.

I came across and interesting press piece on the topic that includes an interview with an “industry representative.”  I had no idea that industry had a trade association and a spokesperson.  I found it very interesting and so will you. 

Here it is: Click on the link.

One of our best defenses is to educate kids and families not to use these substances.

You also might like to know that prior to the implementation of the state’s new law on July 1st we went to every potential retailer with a copy of the new law and asked them not to sell.  On July 1st we partnered with Troy PD and Bloomfield Township Police to conduct a sting operation in which we selected 5 retailers at random in each community.  You will be pleased to know that no retailer sold to our undercover personnel. 

Nonetheless enforcement challenges exist and we will be working to meet those challenges in the days ahead.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.