What training is needed to be a police officer in Auburn Hills? Guest Blogger Lt. Cas Miarka

Becoming a certified law enforcement officer in the State of Michigan can only be achieved through the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (M.C.O.L.E.S.).  To become a certified law enforcement officer that person must have prior training and experience that is recognized by M.C.C.O.L.E.S. or satisfactorily complete a 594 hour basic training academy.

The basic police training academy provides police candidates with a starting point in their law enforcement career.  The training is intense and requires a lot of dedication and commitment from the individual.  The instructors do their best to prepare the police candidates for a career in law enforcement.  However, it is impossible for the basic academy to cover everything that may happen during your career.  For example; how can the basic police training academy train on the policies and procedures for each agency within the State of Michigan.  The training scenarios the police candidates are exposed to is within a controlled atmosphere.  Often times the atmosphere law enforcement faces is anything but controlled.  To address these issues many police departments have a Field Training Officers Program.     

The Auburn Hills Police Department’s Field Training Officers Program is a requirement for all new recruits.  The purpose of the program is to provide a standard of training for all recruits, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the agency and most importantly to produce a highly trained and motivated police officer.  The field training program is designed around the following 8 philosophies:

  1. Every recruit is given maximum opportunity to succeed
  2. Create a positive learning environment
  3. Train proactive police officers
  4. Dedication and patience is critical
  5. Listening means hearing
  6. Constant learning means constant improvement
  7. Learning should be fun
  8. No mistakes only lessons

The FTO program is broken down into three phases.  The first phase is an administrative phase that takes about 5 days.  Phase II is broken down into 4 steps and requires the recruit to be with a Field Training Officer (FTO) for a minimum of 70 days.  The last phase of the program is referred to as Solo Patrol.  During this time the recruit is assigned without a FTO until they have met their probationary status.

To learn more about the Auburn Hills Police Department Field Training Officers Program please visit the link below:

Auburn Hills Police Department Field Training Unit

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