Prom: Have fun 2night. Stay safe. Don’t drink. Love U.

This is a repeat of a post from last April.  It is still an important message for kids and parents:

It is prom season and I know that prom is an exciting time for young people.  Lots of time and expense go into planning that perfect look for that special date. 

We are encouraging parents to text their teen during the evening to let them know that you are thinking of them and that you love and value them and trust them to make good choices.  They just might need your encouragement on this important night because we know that this is a  particularly dangerous time of year for young people.  So trust but verify. 

Here are some tips and links for both kids and parents:

Protect yourself 

  • say “no” to alcohol and drugs; make this night a positive memory not  a night to regret
  • have a safety plan between kids and parents to avoid riding with someone who has been drinking or using drugs
  • agree on curfew expectations and stay in touch during the evening

Respect Yourself

  • just because prom is a special night doesn’t create an obligation for unwanted sexual activity
  • tell someone if you are subjected to physical, sexual or emotional abuse

Prom Health and Safety Tips from the CDC

Prom Safety

Text Your Teen on Prom Night

In Auburn Hills we work in partnership with our hotel community to identify and prosecute anyone who rents a hotel room for the purpose of a party with underaged people where alcohol or drugs will be provided.  Hosting an “Open House” party is a crime and we prosecute.  We assign extra patrols to our hotels during the evenings of the local proms to locate inappropriate parties.  We also contact each of the local schools with an open letter to families and students warning against Auburn Hills’ hotels as a location for parties.

We want you too look your best and dance the night away.  Let us admire you from afar–not up close and personal while we are loading you into an ambulance.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.