911, What’s Your Emergency?

Police Service Officer Christine Page taking calls at her work station.

As you know our dispatch center is the first point of contact for people who call for police, fire or emergency medical services.  Because of the nature of our community our Public Safety Answering Point is one of the busiest in Oakland County.  Just one crash on I-75 creates a crush of phone calls. 

In February we had:

Total incoming calls: 4,876

 Total outgoing calls:  1,635

 Total calls:                  6,511

 Of the 4,876 total phone calls received by Communications, 34 % or 1,679 calls were received on 911 lines.  We require that calls on the 911 lines must be answered within 2 rings and our dispatchers do a great job of meeting that benchmark on most calls (the phone equipment tells us how quick they answer as individuals). 

We dispatched a total of 1436 events: 

  • 1228 police incidents
  • 66 fire incidents
  • 142 EMS

Per shift they took:

  • 2902 days
  • 2544 afternoons
  • 1065 midnights

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.