Heck of a Fire

View of the fire facing north toward the golf dome. Taken from the County helicopter by Dep Director Manning.

Our police and fire departments had a busy afternoon.  Shortly after noon we received a call from Great Lakes Crossings security folks that they were seeing a large amount of smoke south of their location and they thought there might be a fire.  Responding units confirmed a fire that was perilously close to the golf dome at Great Lakes Drive and Joslyn.  The crews kept the fire from the dome but the winds, which were about 35 mph  swept the fire south.  Our Fire Chief, John Burmeister called for a first then a second alarm–calling for mutual aid with more personnel.  As the fire proceeded south fire crews did a great job keeping the flames from several homes and a church along Joslyn Road.   No structures were damaged but significant area of vacant land.  

As you may know, we are a combination fire department which means that we have a core of full-time firefighters supported by paid on call firefighters.  Our paid on call firefighters are key to our operation.  They make a major committment of time away from their families and other jobs to help our community.  Each one completes Firefighter 1 and 2 training and Emergency Medical technical training.  In a situation like this, I can’t help but think about how important their service is to our whole community. 

Thanks too to our assisting departments:  Orion, Waterford/Pontiac, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Independence Township.  

We still don’t know how it started.

More Photos Taken from a helicopter by Deputy Director Manning

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