Something (Someone) New

Have you stopped by the Department lately?  If you do you’ll find some new faces at our front desk.  Starting about 2 weeks ago, we have a group of volunteers who are staffing our front desk and providing a smiling and helpful face to people who come in to do business with both the police and fire departments. 

Since the building was built 11 years ago we have tried to staff the front desk with police officers who could take reports and handle the business of folks who come in to see us.  Once the economic times got tighter, our staffing level fell significantly when we could not replace people who retired.  We no longer had enough staff to be at the desk.  As a result we were forced to put a phone at the desk so people could call into dispatch to get service from us.  Not an optimal situation and none of us liked it.

So Lt. Hardesty came up with an idea to staff the desk using volunteers.  He came up with a plan to hire a part time volunteer coordinator, Alyssa Hawkins, who also works at the Community Center to organize a group of volunteers for us.  She’s been interviewing, training and scheduling all under the watchful eye of Lt. Hardesty.  

Now if you need to stop by between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm you’ll find a helpful volunteer who will assist you.   We are looking forward to expanding their duties as time goes on to make better use of their skills and abilities. 

Thank You to this great group of people who stepped us to help us and to help this great community.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.