Police Use of Force

Every year our Operations Commander gives me a report on our use of force from the previous year.  Below is the one I just recieved from Lt. Cas Miarka:

During the 2011 calendar year Auburn Hills officers handled 17,664 calls for service and made 12,663 traffic stops for a total of 30,327 events.  Auburn Hills officers arrested or issued a misdemeanor summons in 2,129 incidents during this time period, an increase of 10.65% over the 1924 arrests made in 2010.  Of these 2,129 arrests, some level of force beyond normal handcuffing was required during 23 incidents. The number of actual incidents requiring the use of force increased from 19 to 23 in comparison to 2010.  The percentage of incidents requiring force increased slightly from .99% in 2010 to 1.08% in 2011.   

As standard policy, all incidents that require the use of force or the threat of force are subjected to an administrative review. The purpose of this review is to ensure compliance with Departmental policies and to identify training needs. One incident in 2011 required further review as officers had used their Capstun and then the TASER.  It was determined the Capstun used by the officers was not flammable therefore the use of the TASER was justified.   

The table below lists data collected from the 23 incidents where force was used during 2011 arrests.

Events Calls for Service – 17,664 Traffic Stops – 12,663 30,327 Total Events
Average Age of Offender 27.41 years Youngest- 16 Oldest – 56
Gender 18 Male 4 Female 1-Taser of a dog
Felony / Misdemeanor / Mental 13 Felony 9 Misdemeanor 1 Mental Commitment
Shift Mids- 7 Incidents Days- 1 Incidents Noons- 15 Incidents
Alcohol or Drug Use 6 of 23 Incidents 26.07% of Incidents _
Initial Contact 14 Dispatched 6 Found on Patrol 3 Other
Injuries 3 of the 22 suspects received minor injuries during arrest; scratches or minor abrasions. 2 officers received minor injuries during an arrest;  

Nationally police use force in about 1% of their calls for service.  We use force less than that–23 incidents of 17,664 calls for service. 

I know that doesn’t square with the image of us portrayed by TV and movies–reality is a very different picture.


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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.