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We’re always brainstorming around here about how we can make things more convenient for you.  We use ourselves as a standard of sorts.   Like you, stuff happens to us and we have to use our local government resources. When that happens it causes us to think about how we can help people do business with us in ways that respect their valuable time.

Here is a photo of where to click to get a report on line

If you need a police report from us it is no longer necessary to come into the station.  We know how difficult it can be to match your availability to ours and if you are like me, you are now doing as much of your business as possible on line at times convenient to you. 

To use it go to our website: and click on the tab that says “Pay FOIA Requests Online.”  (FOIA is the Freedom of Information Act and securing release of your report is actually a FOIA activity.)  You’ll be taken to a website of Oakland County.  They take on line payments for the City.  You make your payment using a credit card and we’ll be notified that you are requesting a specific report and we’ll email it to you.  Couldn’t be easier.   And if you still want to come to the station for the report, you can do that too. 
The exception is the traffic crash reports — that is even cooler.  At the time your crash is reported the officer on the scene will give you a slip of paper that gives you the incident number and a website you can go to for a copy of the report.  (For most people, it is their insurance company that gets the report–you don’t need to have a copy).  If you give the officer your email address our system will even send you an email when the report has been reviewed by a supervisor and is ready for release! 
We’ve come a long way from my days as a street officer. Back then a person involved in a crash first had to call the station to get the incident number since we didn’t assign those over the radio–we had to go into the station at the end of the day and “take a number” for our incidents by writing them in a big log book.  Then they had to call repeatedly to find out when the report would be available for release and come in (during OUR business hours) and give the number to our Records personnel to get the report copy (and that was if the report was routine and without any issues!)  
We are fortunate that CLEMIS makes this kind of technology available to us at such a cheap rate.  CLEMIS is a shared technology service that has been around for 40 years–largest one of its type in the country.  With all the hoopla about shared services this one sometimes gets missed because we all take it for granted. 
I hope you don’t need to get a police report from us because probably something not so good must have happened (we don’t report on birthday parties or other fun activities generally speaking….).  But if you do, we’ll try to make it as easy as possible. 

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.