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I heard from some local folks yesterday wondering what happened in the parking lot behind the stores on Squirrel Court Thursday afternoon at about 4:30pm.  We got a rush of phone calls that afternoon because people in our community are not used to seeing people with guns running around in broad daylight. 

Here is what happened:  The Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team known to us as NET, conducted a raid in the area which started with a planned traffic stop.  Our people assisted by conducting the traffic stop and being the uniformed presence so that you would know it was the police.  The NET team works in plain clothes although at the scene of a raid they often wear clothing to identify them as police, mainly for the sake of the other police on scene since most don’t know each other.   The stop lead to the service of a search warrant on a residence–which means that the officers had taken their evidence to the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and requested authority to conduct a search of a residence.  Once the Prosecutor’s approve it, they take it to a judge of local jurisdiction who reviews it and approves it, validating that there is adequate evidence to indicate that a crime is being committed and there is evidence of that crime to be found in the specific location being searched.  Seems cumbersome?  Remember the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution–people have a right to be secure from the government in their person and property–that right can only be violated through a series of iron clad steps.  We are careful to stay inside that framework because we risk losing any evidence we find and therefore our case against the perpetrator.

All of this stuff is planned out in advance so as to limit the escape of the perpetrators and to lower the chance that there could be resistance from the subjects which could lead to highly problematic issues.  No shots were fired but guns were drawn.  We pull guns because it is a hard and fast rule for us that where there are drugs there are most often guns and we come prepared to protect ourselves and the public.  The subjects were quickly under control and in custody. This type of thing is carefully planned and executed by people who are highly trained and very cautious.  It doesn’t usually happen at times and in places so public.

It is highly unusual for our community to witness activity of this type in our downtown so it was disturbing I know.  But I have to tell you that this solves a problem we’ve been having in the area with a resident who has been known to us for quite some time as a person who is dealing drugs.  That kind of resident we don’t need.

Sorry if you we disturbed your peace for awhile.  I can assure you that it was actually a good thing in the long run.  Our community is a little safer than it was.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.