New Neighbors

Like you, we’ve been watching the changes at Pontiac Police.  It was sad to see 150 years of service end Sunday night.  We have worked with the Pontiac Police extensively over the years since we border them on 2 sides.  We share a school district and some other aspects of community life since Auburn Hills is actually the former Pontiac Township. 

But time marches on and things change as they need to and we move with those changes.  The new neighbors, the Sheriff’s Office are  people we’ve worked with also for many years.  So it isn’t anything really new.  They border us on the east and the north and we’ve known and respected them in the many intersections of policing.  I think they feel the same about us. 

We wish them well as they enter into Pontiac and we expect that we’ll be working together on some occasions to accomplish safety goals for both communities.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.