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I’d like to introduce you to Officer Chris Willour (pictured at right).  Officer Willour is our 2011 MADD award winner.   Every year MADD of Michigan honors police officers for their efforts in enforcing the state’s drunk driving laws.  Their work contributes to safer streets throughout our state.  Chris was among the 80 officers who were honored for their work.  The keynote speaker was Kym Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor who thanked the officers and talked about how important the work is and its impact on the community.

Lt. Miarka and I attended the event with Officer Willour on behalf of our whole department to show our support of his work.  Sometimes it is hard to see, when you are a police officer working midnights, the impact of a drunk driving arrest.  As you might guess the offenders are not happy about being arrested and sometimes fight or resist arrest, they beg, cry, plead not to be arrested.  It can be a physically and emotionally draining event that takes several hours to complete (not counting the report writing).  MADD has recognized the difficulty faced by the officers and established this event to encourage them and support their efforts.  We heard from two victims whose family members were killed by drunk drivers.  They reminded us what we are achieving and that there are people who believe in what we are doing and support our efforts.

Officer Willour was recommended as our MADD officer because he made the most drunk driving arrests on our department for last year.  He recently attended an advanced roadside sobriety testing school that taught officers how to identify drugged as well as drunk drivers. 

We are proud of his contribution toward safer streets in Auburn Hills.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.