Important Transitions

Here in the PD we have to be the Jacks and Jacquelines of all trades.  We’ve developed an organizational culture that is based on being generalists instead of specialists.  We want to provide services that don’t depend on individuals with special skills.  We want all of us to have good quality skills.  Of course some people are better at some things than others –that is just nature.  What I mean is that we think that we should be trained similarly and have similar experience bases so that when the community has a need for our services we can provide best quality response no matter who is here, who is on vacation, who is in training, whatever. 

Another big organizational value is to invest in our personnel, especially our leadership.  High quality leadership has value to our entire organization and to you in the community.  We have already invested in their educations and their training.  So in order to expand the experience base of our leadership yet further, we have transferred our division leadership to new positions.  In our organization our divisions are led by lieutenants:

Lt Thom Hardesty has moved from Investigations Division to Technical Services; Lt. Cas Miarka has moved from Technical Services to Operations and Lt. Jim Manning has moved from Operations to Investigations.

If you’ve had an opportunity to do business with them you know that they are an excellent community asset.  We want to improve their skills more by giving them the opportunity to learn new aspects of the organization.  I am a fortunate chief to have people of this caliber in our organzation.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.