Appreciating Good Work

I had a great opportunity last Thursday night.  I got to shake hands with nearly 100 kids at the Avondale Youth Assistance Youth Recognition night and congratulate them on receiving an award from Avondale Youth Assistance.  Over 100 kids were nominated for awards– the highest number ever.  I was honored to stand on stage at this very well attended event with Avondale School officials, elected officials from Auburn Hills and Rochester Hills and many other high powered government officials to congratulate the kids on their award.

Like the Pontiac kids a couple of weeks ago, these young people are special because they improved the world in their own small way by helping younger kids or senior citizens, improved their grades and attitudes at school, or did other service work.  They might not be kids who would be recognized by any other group. 

Youth Assistance does great work in every community in Oakland County.  You can volunteer at your local YA–if you like working with kids and making a difference in the community this is the place for you!

Hope to see you next year at Youth Recognition night.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.