Tragic Events in Japan

Like you I have been watching the tragic events in Japan unfold since the earthquake last Friday.  It is horrifying to watch the devastation and I hope we never have to endure such a calamity here.  (Makes me glad I live inland and not on the earthquake prone west coast.)

Americans are probably the most charitable people in the world.   Maybe because we are all immigrants at some level and we feel the pain suffered around the world.  Unfortunately there are people out there who set out to make themselves a buck instead of helping the afflicted.  Makes my blood boil to hear such things. 

If you want to make a contribution to help the Japanese or any other charitable cause I urge you to stick to the ones you know or check out those that pop up to make sure that your hard-earned dollars go where you want them to. 

Here is a link to help you:  Looks Too Good to Be True  or call the National Center for Disaster Fraud at 866.720.5721.

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.