Thanks to Our Police Employees

Guest Blogger, Operations Division Commander, Lt. Jim Manning

To all of you, who worked tirelessly through the dreadful conditions of the worst winter storm in recent years, thank you and GREAT JOB!

During the 48 hours after the winter storm hit you responded to a total of 216 calls for service. This is double our average of 80-100 calls for service during a typical 48 hour period. Out of the 216 calls for service, you handled 140 incidents involving motorists out on the roadways. This includes crashes, motorist assists, road run-off, and miscellaneous traffic complaints. For our dispatch personnel, I know these numbers do not even scratch the surface of the 1002 phone calls you received in the dispatch center during this period.
By all accounts you ALL did a great job getting motorists off the roadway and out of danger as quickly as possible. You did this while fighting off the frigid cold, running from sliding vehicles, and dealing with distraught citizens.  We know many of you had a hard time getting to work yourselves–you left early for a torturous drive to make it on time.  You had to leave your families to deal with the storm and power outages on their own. 

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the visitors and citizens of our city. I am confident your efforts were greatly appreciated by those you assisted.”

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I'm the Chief of Police for the Auburn Hills Police Department.